CTS is proud to work with and represent the following companies:

Chemtech is an OEM supplier of circulators from Julabo. JULABO is a worldwide manufacturer of Constant Temperature Circulators for research, science and industry. Since 1967, JULABO has successfully pushed the development in the field of liquid temperature application and set standards by introducing many product novelties. Their ability to meet highest requirements of most complex applications gives customers the ability to succeed. That is exactly why Chemtech Services uses Julabo circulators .

Chemtech is a OEM supplier of BriskHeat products-a BH Thermal Corporation. Chemtech Services, Inc. has enjoyed a cooperative relationship with Brisk Heat in relation to the fabrication of custom cloth jackets for the heating of our receivers and our non-oil jacketed evaporators. In addition to the cloth jackets, Brisk heat has been employed on several occasions for their heat tapes to keep materials fluid in our feed lines. So successful has this relationship become, that Chemtech Services, Inc. uses Brisk heat exclusively for all of our heat tape and custom cloth jacketing needs.

Chemtech uses industrial hot oil baths from Budzar Industries. Specialists in providing results-producing process fluid heat transfer systems.

Chemtech fabricates their glass evaporators from Precision Glass Blowing of Colorado. The leading manufacturer of ICP/ICP-MS glassware for the industry. They also house a division specializing in general scientific and custom glassware. Since their inception, Precision has developed a reputation for quality products and quick turnaround time. After 25 years, they are still "The Source"