Pilot Plant Modular Systems

All Chemtech systems are modular in design and so offer maximum flexibility when choosing the right evaporator, degasser, feed & discharge systems, heating and cooling systems, vacuum pump systems, control systems, and matching heat transfer systems for your unique application. Scaled up versions in stainless steel are also available offering true pilot plant capabilities, our KD10, KD30, Kd75 systems can generate throughputs up to 75 kg per hour at temperatures up to 350C and pressures as low as 0.001 mbar.

As needs change, select from a variety of upgrade packages to increase the size of your evaporator, go from a medium to high vacuum system, or add additional stages to your separation.

When a standard unit just won't do, Chemtech offers a full range of engineering capabilities. Our engineers and technicians have the know-how and experience to assist with everything from the customization of smaller lab units to the completion of large scale production plants.

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Laboratory Single Stage Short Path Distillation Units
Unit SpecificationsKD10KD30KD75
Nominal Processing Rate (kg/hour)10-2530-9075-255
Evaporator Surface Area (square meters)
Condenser Surface Area (square meters)0.140.380.75
Operating Pressure (square meters)Atmospheric to 0.001 mbar
Length (mm)1,0001,5005,100
Evaporator Diameter (mm)120160280
System Weight (approximate kg)80100200

Laboratory Single Stage Rolled Film Distillation Units
Unit SpecificationsRF20RF50
Nominal Processing Rate (kg/hour)30-9075-150
Evaporator Surface Area (square meters)0.20.5
Condenser Surface Area (square meters)2.005.00
Operating Pressure (square meters)Atmospheric to 1 mbar
Length (mm)1,5502,400
Evaporator Diameter (mm)130160
System Weight (approximate kg)100150

stainless steel short path evaporator

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