Toll Distillation

Interested in exploring the market place with your product without the capital investment of a short path distillation unit, or the associated overhead? Toll distillation is a perfect alternative. Use one of Chemtech's multi-stage, stainless steel pilot plant units where commercial quantities of material can be distilled. Is your product a food grade or pharmaceutical grade material? Chemtech has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) capability with our Florida affiliate. Chemtech Services, Inc. offers competitive hourly and per pound rates. Financial incentives, such as discounts, are offered with contract business. Quality control is not an issue when tolling with Chemtech. Chemtech's laboratory is equipped with analytical ability including an auto-sampling GC (Gas Chromatography), auto titration, turbidity, viscosity measurement, and more. Chemtech can toll distill quantities to meet any throughput demand your market requires. Our laboratory equipment is capable of operating at vacuum conditions of 0.001 mbar (absolute pressure) and temperature conditions as high as 350C. These conditions equate to an atmospheric equivalent boiling point over 750C (or 1382F). Another benefit of tolling before purchasing a distillation unit is the data obtained. Pilot plant distillation provides a high level of certainty with respect to scaled designs and allows the final engineering design to be as cost effective as possible.

Process EquipmentNominal CapacityAnnual Capacity
KDT 6 2 Stage6 kg/hr43,200 kg
KDT 10 3 Stage15 kg/hr126,000 kg
KDT 30 3 Stage  w/Rolled Film Primary Stage & Packed Column50 kg/hr420,000 kg


In addition, our affiliated company, Polychem Services, also offers a broad spectrum of chemical reaction and distillation capabilities

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