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Chemtech Services, Inc., was incorporated in 2004, for the purpose of providing engineering and processing services to the chemical and petrochemical fields. Shortly after its incorporation, Chemtech concluded the acquisition of the Short Path Distillation Division of UIC, Inc., located in Joliet, Illinois, and established its administrative headquarters at the Joliet location. The Short Path Distillation Division has been in operation at the Joliet facility since 1982, and represented a well known name in industry associated with the design and construction of distillation systems, including conventional column, falling film, rolled film and short path distillation systems. The Short Path Distillation Division’s engineering expertise in distillation equipment was in part based upon original high vacuum distillation technology developed by Leybold-Heraeus, a manufacturer of vacuum pumps in Germany, and incorporated in the UIC portfolio when this business was acquired from Degussa. Chemtech subsequently relocated from the Joliet facility to a new facility in Lockport, Illinois which includes both an administrative building and a Pilot Plant where chemical processing is conducted.

The Short Path Distillation Division quickly became the core business of Chemtech, which consisted of the design and fabrication of Molecular Distillation Equipment and the Contract Processing of Chemicals supplied by chemical/petroleum industry customers for distillation. The molecular distillation process utilizes separation technology based upon Wiped Film and Short Path Evaporators operating under high vacuum conditions. This distillation process is a very precise method for achieving chemical separations required for high purity chemical markets. Chemtech’s customers in this field include chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum companies, and increasingly wiped film and short path distillation processes are being utilized by chemical manufacturers to improve yields and reduce waste streams associated with processing chemical feedstocks and polymers.

Chemtech expanded its process design and fabrication capabilities to include specialty pilot plants, and subsequently entered into a contract with Kayser Technology, Inc, to manufacture the ACE® product line which was well known in the petroleum industry for its patented fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) technology. Chemtech continues to service the chemical and petrochemical industry with high quality design and fabrication capabilities for the construction of laboratory systems, pilot scale units and commercial scale plants.

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