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Chemtech Services Inc. has a very precise distillation process for achieving chemical separations required for high purity chemical markets. As a leading Short Path Distillation equipment manufacturer, we specialize in molecular separation using our innovative methods and tested systems.

Short path distillation is a type of distillation that involves the fractional distillation of a liquid under high vacuum. This process allows for the separation of components with very different boiling points. Short path distillation is commonly used to purify delicate chemicals and essential oils. 

What We Do

Chemtech Services Inc. is a short path distillation equipment manufacturer that offers the highest quality distillation equipment and services. We offer short path, rolled film, and falling film distillation equipment, as well as pilot plant fabrication and tolling services. Here are some of the specialty services we offer: 

  • Chemical Process Research and Development
  • Engineering Process Design and Pilot Plant Fabrication
  • Plant Design, Construction & Installation
  • Laboratory & Analytical Services
  • Contract Chemical Processing

Our Distillation Systems

Chemtech Services Inc. manufactures short path distillation equipment based on proprietary technology, for a wide spectrum of services in the chemical industry. We are falling film, wiped film, and short path distillation experts. When looking for a short path distillation equipment manufacturer, trust Chemtech to create custom solutions for your business that will help you streamline your process and maximize your results. We offer:

Short Path Distillation System

Short Path Distillation

Short path distillation systems are commonly used to purify heat sensitive chemicals and essential oils. Short path distillation equipment gets its name from the short distance in which the vapor stream is condensed. This allows for very high vacuum and reduced evaporator temperatures. The efficiency of the KD series is aided by rollers that are used to create an even thin film. Take a look at our customizable short path distillation systems (KD), including our fully continuous short path systems.

Rolled Film Distillation System

Rolled Film Distillation System

Rolled Film Distillation systems are a type of wiped film evaporation system (WFE). Rolled film evaporation systems are similar to short path evaporators, except that they have an external condenser which offers a greater condensing area. Typically rolled film evaporation systems are ideal for capturing large amounts of distillate at higher flow rates when compared to short path systems. Rolled thin film distillation has an extremely efficient and even heat transfer regardless of the fluids’ viscosity. This allows you to reduce exposure time and increase productivity when continuously distilling.

Rolled Film Distillation System

Falling Film Distillation System

Falling film distillation is one of the most efficient ways to distill a liquid. Falling film distillation is a type of distillation in which a thin film of liquid is passed over a heated surface. As the film falls, the heat evaporates the volatile components of the liquid, leaving behind the non-volatile components. Falling film distillation is often used by companies that need to recycle large amounts of liquids quickly and efficiently. This method of distillation may be well suited for companies that have high volumes of waste products or contaminated liquids that need to be purified or recycled.

Our Services

Specialty Pilot Plants

All Chemtech distillation systems are modular in design and so offer maximum flexibility when choosing the right systems for your unique application. When a standard unit just won’t do, Chemtech offers a full range of engineering capabilities. Our engineers and technicians have the know-how and experience to assist with everything from the customization of smaller lab units to the completion of large-scale production plants. Learn more about our Specialty Pilot Plants Today!

Toll Distillation

Interested in exploring the marketplace with your product without the capital investment of a short path distillation unit or the associated overhead? Toll distillation is a perfect alternative. Use one of Chemtech’s multi-stage, stainless steel pilot plant units where commercial quantities of material can be distilled. Chemtech Services, Inc. offers competitive hourly and per pound rates. 

Financial incentives, such as discounts, are offered with contract business.

Learn more about our tolling services and lab capabilities here.

Who We Serve

We are an industry leading Short Path Distillation manufacturer and offer a wide range of evaporators. Our systems have revolutionized distillation processes for industries including but not limited to:


Petrochemical distillation is a critical process in the petrochemical industry, as it provides the raw materials for a wide range of products, including plastics, synthetic fibers, and lubricants. The process can also be used to produce chemicals that are used in agriculture, medicine, and manufacturing. 

The petrochemical distillation process is complex and requires a great deal of expertise. In order to ensure that the process runs smoothly, petrochemical companies often partner with experienced distillation manufacturing and tolling facilities like Chemtech. We help to design and build the necessary infrastructure, and provide support during the operation of the facility. We offer tolling services to test and prove the process prior to making your investment in obtaining your facilities equipment. 

Cannabis & Hemp

Our distillation equipment and pilot plant fabrication services are ideal for the cannabis & hemp industry. We manufacture the highest quality distillation units for purchase. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition by providing solutions for faster, more pure, more consistent results. Our  short path distillation equipment is dependable, easy to set up and use, and very budget friendly. Distillation equipment can be used for all cannabis & hemp processing including CBD and  THC and can be built to meet your regulatory needs.

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals are a type of chemical produced in small batches and used for a specific purpose. In many cases, specialty chemicals are used in manufacturing or as ingredients in products, such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. Due to their unique properties and applications, specialty chemicals often require a higher level of purity than mass-produced chemicals. 

As a result, specialty chemicals are often distilled using a process known as fractional distillation. This process involves heating the specialty chemicals to their boiling point and then collecting separate vapor streams. The vapors are then cooled and condensed back into liquid form, resulting in a highly pure product. Specialty chemical distillation is a critical process for ensuring the quality of these unique materials. By investing in the right equipment, you can rest assured that your specialty chemicals will be separated quickly and efficiently.

Chemtech Services Support

The success of any business depends on the speed at which problems can be resolved. When you partner with Chemtech by purchasing equipment or utilizing our services, we offer full support to you and your team. Whether it’s a new system set up question, training on best practices, or part replacement & repair, we are here for you. Speak to our team of experts today to see how easy it is to connect with us. Call (815) 838-4800 and let’s get started on optimizing your business’ distillation process. 

Safety & Compliance

When it comes to running a successful business, safety & compliance are at the forefront. CTS distillation systems comply with NFPA code and can be tailored to meet your regulatory needs.. We offer installation & training with each purchase. 


Invest with confidence knowing that all of our equipment comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty (excludes glass components). We understand how important every hour is to your bottom line, so we get replacements out to you asap.

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