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Chemtech Services Inc. offers a wide range of distillation equipment including short path, rolled film and falling film distillation systems. Our distillation equipment exceeds standard purification expectations, resulting in the highest quality distillates available. We believe in helping our clients to take their business to the next level by offering the highest quality, tested and proven distillation systems available on the market today. Whether you’re looking to improve quality in your products, increase throughput, or simply streamline your process, we can help. 

Distillation Systems We Offer

At Chemtech we have spent years refining our distillation systems and equipment and offer only the best. We focus on simplicity, quality and consistent results. Deliver distillate waxes, epoxies, oils and more with precision and consistency when you choose Chemtech’s distillation systems. We have been serving the specialty chemical, hemp & cannabis, and petrochemical industries with top notch distillation equipment and customer support in the greater Chicago, IL area.

Short Path Distillation Systems

Short path distillation systems are commonly used to purify delicate chemicals and essential oils. Short path distillation equipment gets its name from the distance in which the vapor stream is condensed. This allows for very high vacuum and reduced evaporator temperatures. Take a look at our customizable wiped film short path distillation systems (KD).

Rolled Film Distillation Systems

Rolled film distillation systems are a type of wiped film evaporation system (WFE). Opposed to the short path evaporators they have an external condenser that offers a greater condensing area. Ideal for lower boiling point material and faster throughput.

Falling Film Distillation Systems

Chemtech Services’ falling film distillation systems features a two evaporator design. The first stage is a falling film evaporator (FFE), that is connected to a second stage rolling film evaporator. Falling film distillation has a larger heating surface and requires less space. They are ideal for recovering solvents and producing high quality oil extract. 

Buying New vs Buying Used

Buying new equipment from a company you trust is the only way to guarantee quality and to ensure your investment. Many people are tempted to save upfront on used distillation equipment from unregulated suppliers leaving them vulnerable to inconsistent and low quality yields. By choosing to buy your new distillation systems from Chemtech Services Inc., you will have the added confirmation that you are giving your clients the best possible distillate available from start to finish. Don’t put your business at risk by cutting corners on distillation systems. Let us be your partner in building a quality brand and product that industries across the board can know, like and trust.

Why Choose Chemtech Services Inc. Equipment?


Our distillation systems offer consistent and dependable results which increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.


We engineer equipment designed to make your job easier. Simple designs for maximum productivity. 

Customer Support

We care about you, your business, and your clients. Just a phone call away, Chemtech offers outstanding support on all phases of your journey. 


All of our distillation systems and equipment are NRTL certified. (GMP and other certifications available upon request).

Superior Engineering

Long lasting quality components that you can depend on. Protect your investment and get the best. 


CTS Units are available in multi-stage configurations and can be highly customized. Get exactly what you need for your unique business. 

Getting Set Up

To get your new distillation equipment set up and ready to produce today, give us a call today at (815) 838-4800. We are happy to assist you in designing your distillation system and getting you set up and running. Time is of the essence when it comes to adding new and improved manufacturing systems to your existing business workflow. Let us take the guesswork out of it, and get you exactly what you need to increase production, quality and efficiency. For additional questions and information, give us a call today.


All of our CTS equipment comes with a 1 year Warranty. Protect your investment and buy from a certified and trusted distillation equipment manufacturer. We understand the important details of our process and needs because we design systems from start to finish.