About Us

Chemtech Services, Inc., designs and manufactures distillation equipment based on proprietary technology. Located in the Chicago area, Chemtech prides itself on quality work and customer satisfaction.

The Short Path Distillation Division is the core business of Chemtech, which consists of the design and fabrication of Molecular Distillation Equipment and the Contract Processing of Chemicals supplied by chemical/petroleum industry customers for distillation. The molecular distillation process utilizes separation technology based upon the Wiped Film and Short Path Evaporators operating under high vacuum conditions. This distillation process is a very precise method for achieving chemical separations required for high purity chemical markets. Chemtech’s customers include chemical, petrochemical, and biochemical companies. To improve yields and reduce waste streams associated with processing chemical feedstocks and polymers, chemical manufacturers are increasingly utilizing wiped film and short path distillation processes.

Chemtech Services, Inc. offers a wide spectrum of services to the chemical industry including:

  • Chemical Process Research and Development
  • Engineering Process Design and Pilot Plant Fabrication
  • Plant Design, Construction & Installation
  • Laboratory & Analytical Services
  • Contract Chemical Processing

Falling Film, Wiped Film, and Short Path Distillation Experts

  • The widest range of evaporators available – from the compact 0.01 square meter RF1 or KDL1 laboratory unit to the world’s largest 50 square meter KD5000.
  • Developmental testing and tolling facilities – laboratory and pilot-scale distillation trials and testing laboratories in Lockport, Illinois, USA.
  • Individually engineered systems – each laboratory, pilot, and production plant system is engineered for its specific application.
  • Complete System – evaporators, product pumps, cold traps, vacuum pumps, and heaters are designed and specified to perform as a complete optimized unit.
  • System Start-Up and Operator Training – our engineers are available for plant installation, start-up, and training.