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2-Stage KD-30
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2-Stage KD-30

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Support Frame System

  • 304ss Frame
  • Dimensions: 376″L 54″W 112″H

Feed System

  • 200 Liter Hot Oil Heated Feed Tank
  • Gear Pump Feed Metering System
  • Hot Oil Traced Feed Line
  • Hot Oil Traced Transfer Line


  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 0.30 Sq. Meter Surface Area
  • Estimated Process Rate 20.00 liter/hour*


  • Feed Circulator 12kW; 25-250°C
  • Two Evaporator Circulators 24kW; 25-250°C
  • Residue Circulator 12 kW; 25-250°
  • Two Condenser Circulators 6kW Heat/9.6kW Cool; 0-120°C
  • Cold Trap Circulator 0.6kW Cool; -75 to -30°C

Sample Collection

  • Hot Oil Heated Gear Pumps
  • Two 2L Cold Trap Receiving Flasks

Vacuum System

  • Two Backing Rotary Vane Pumps 65 M3/hour
  • Two Roots Blowers
  • Two Turbomolecular Pumps 350 L/sec​​​

Control System

  • UL 508 Rated Electrical Control Cabinet
  • PLC System Optional


  • Installation and Training Included
  • GMP Compliance Documentation Available

2-Stage KD-30 Data Sheet