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Distillate Carousel Receiver Insert, Cone Fitting



Rotating Carousel Receiver Insert with lid engraved for Distillate. The handle of the Carousel Receiver Insert can be rotated to collect in any of its six (6) Sample Tubes. By unscrewing and removing the Carousel Support Assembly from the Lid, product can collect into the Bell Jar.

Material of Construction

316 Stainless Steel

Compatible With

KDL-6 Distillation System

Additional Components

Six (6) Sample Tubes

One (1) 6L Bell Jar

One (1) 10L Bell Jar

One (1) Cone Carousel Receiver Insert, Residue

One (1) Bell Jar and Carousel Lid O-Ring

One (1) Bell Jar and Carousel Inlet O-Ring

One (1) KDL-6 Residue and Distillate Collection Arm O-Ring

One (1) Carousel Housing Seal Kit

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