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Eco Pump Hot Oil Swagelok Fitting 1.8cc/rev



Swagelok Hot Oil Fitting for the Supply or Return of the 1.8cc/rev Chemtech Services, Inc. KD-6 Eco Pump Assembly.

Material of Construction

316 Stainless Steel

Compatible With

KD-6 Eco Pump 1.8cc/rev.

Additional Components

One (1) Hot Oil Swagelok Fitting Gasket

One (1) Product Discharge Swagelok Fitting

One (1) Product Discharge Swagelok Fitting O-Ring

One (1) Eco Pump Mini Sight Glass Assembly

One (1) Eco Pump Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

One (1) KD-6 Eco Pump Assembly (1.8cc/rev.)

One (1) 3/8″ 5PSI Check Valve

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