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KD-6 Wiper Roller Set



Wiper Roller Set for the Chemtech Services, Inc. Mini-5, KDL-6 or KDT-6 Distillation Units. This set includes seventeen (17) long rollers and two (2) short rollers.

Material of Construction

Proprietary Composite PTFE

Compatible With

Mini-5 Distillation Unit

KDL-6 Distillation Unit

KDT-6 Distillation Unit

Additional Components

One (1) KD-6 Wiper Basket Assembly

One (1) KD-6 Heatable Wiper Shaft Seal Kit

One (1) KDL-4 and KD-6 Wiper Shaft Seal Kit

One (1) KD-6 Upper Evaporator O-Ring

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