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Feed Control Options for Short Path Distillation Units

Featuring Chemtech Services’ MINI-4/5 and KDL/T-6 There are many factors in determining the optimal feed control option for your distillation process. Short Path Distillation is a sophisticated technique widely used in the field of chemistry and cannabis processing. The efficiency of this process is greatly influenced by various factors, and one critical aspect is feed […]

Chemtech Services, Inc Receives US Patent for Essential Oil Extraction

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent Number 11,702,615 to Chemtech Services on July 18, 2023. Patent Number 11,702,615 relates to a system of extracting essential oils from plant matter while applying microwave energy, under vacuum conditions, to the plant matter. This patent represented a culmination of several years research activity related to experimentation and refinement of equipment necessary to achieve the extraction of essential oils from plant matter without the use of solvent products. Much of Chemtech’s was conducted using hemp based plant matter wherein the valuable CBD molecule was extracted in relatively high purity.

Investing in a Distillation System vs Toll Distilling

What’s Best for Your Business? Investing in a distillation system vs toll distilling, which is best for you? If your business relies on producing distilled products, then you may be faced with the decision between investing in your own distillation system, or utilizing toll distilling services. There are pros and cons to both options, and […]

Rolled Film vs Short Path Distillation

Rolled Film (RF Series) vs Short Path (KD Series) The Difference between Rolled Film and Short Path Distillation To understand the difference between Rolled Film (RF Series) and Short Path (KD Series) distillation, it is important to first understand the basics of how each process works. Both processes are used in chemical engineering to separate […]

What Are the Different Types of Short Path Distillation?

Table Top vs Continuous SPD Short Path Distillation (SPD) is a process used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to separate and purify complex mixtures. SPD is an incredibly efficient method for separating components due to its ability to operate at very low pressures and temperatures, making it ideal for applications of heat sensitive products. […]