Short Path Distillation for Mineral Oils

The purification of mineral oils is a fine-tuned process required for the production of products in a wide spectrum of industries. Mineral oils encompass a range of products from base oils, including crude oil, to lube oils, paraffin oils to pitches, and hold immense importance across various industries. However, achieving the desired purity level in these oils demands advanced techniques, and one such method gaining traction is Short Path Distillation. Today, we delve into this innovative process and explore how Chemtech Services Inc. is revolutionizing it with our state-of-the-art equipment.


Understanding Mineral Oils

Before we dive into the intricacies of short path distillation, it’s imperative to grasp the significance of mineral oils in industrial applications. These oils serve as the backbone of numerous processes, providing fuels, lubrication, insulation, and serving as raw materials for further synthesis in the petrochemical industry. Among the array of mineral oils are base oils, crude oils, bright stocks, lube oils, paraffin oils, as well as residues like pitch, long and short, and tar.

The Role of Short Path Distillation

Short Path Distillation, often abbreviated as SPD, is a method employed for the purification of liquids, particularly those with high boiling points and thermal sensitivity. Unlike traditional distillation techniques, SPD operates under reduced pressure, minimizing the risk of thermal degradation and achieving higher purity levels.

What is Mineral Oil?

Purified Mineral oil is a versatile and widely used substance derived from crude oil. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid that is composed mainly of alkanes and paraffinic compounds. Mineral oil is produced during the distillation of crude oil, where it is separated from other components based on its boiling point range.

Due to its properties, mineral oil finds numerous applications across various industries: 

  • Lubricants: Mineral oil serves as a common base for lubricating oils used in machinery, engines, and industrial equipment. Its low volatility and ability to withstand high temperatures make it ideal for reducing friction and wear.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: In the cosmetic industry, mineral oil is often used in skincare products such as lotions, creams, and ointments. It acts as a moisturizer and emollient, forming a protective barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Mineral oil is an ingredient in certain pharmaceutical products, including laxatives and topical medications. It is used for its lubricating properties and its ability to soften stool in laxatives.
  • Food Industry: Food-grade mineral oil is used as a lubricant and protective coating in food processing equipment and as a release agent in food packaging materials such as parchment paper.
  • Industrial Applications: Beyond lubrication, mineral oil finds applications in various industrial processes such as hydraulic systems, metalworking, and transformer oil. It is valued for its thermal stability and insulating properties.
  • Polishing and Cutting Fluids: In metalworking operations, mineral oil is utilized as a coolant and lubricant in cutting fluids and as a component in polishing compounds.

While mineral oil is widely used and has many practical applications, it’s essential to note that its safety and environmental impact can vary depending on factors such as purity, processing methods, and application. Therefore, it’s crucial to use mineral oil products in accordance with relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure safe and responsible usage.

Introducing Chemtech Services Inc.

In the pursuit of excellence in mineral oil purification, Chemtech Services Inc. emerges as a beacon of innovation. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions, they have developed a range of short path distillation equipment tailored specifically for mineral oil refinement. We offer short path distillation equipment for operations large and small including specialized equipment for each batch size and industry demand.

Chemtech Services Inc. offers two main series of short path distillation equipment including our Mini Series, and our KD Series. Each series has many options to get the exact results you need for your processing demands.

Laboratory Scale Series:

Compact yet powerful, Laboratory scale systems include the Mini Series, the KDL Series, and the KDT Series designed by Chemtech Services Inc. for laboratories and small-scale operations. Despite its size, this equipment boasts impressive capabilities, offering precise control over temperature and pressure to ensure optimal purification of mineral oils. Its versatility and ease of use make it an ideal choice for research and development purposes, allowing engineers and scientists to fine-tune their processes with precision.

Mini Series Includes:

The KDL and KDT Series

Our KDL/T Series Includes:

The support frame system features a robust pole stand with dimensions of 40″L x 25″W x 50″H. The feed system includes a 2-liter feed tank and an optional gear pump feed metering system. The evaporator, constructed of borosilicate glass, offers a surface area of 0.040 square meters and an estimated feed rate of 0.50 liters per hour. Circulators, including feed circulator (20-200°C optional), evaporator circulator (0-200°C or 300°C based on configuration), and condenser circulator (-50-150°C optional), ensure precise temperature control. Additionally, an optional cold trap circulator (-40-200°C optional) is available for enhanced functionality.

The KD Pilot and Industrial Scale Series:

For larger-scale operations demanding higher throughput and efficiency, Chemtech Services Inc. presents the KD Series. Engineered with industrial-grade components and advanced automation features, this series caters to the needs of refineries and production facilities. From base oils to paraffin oils, the KD Series ensures consistent purity levels, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries.

  • KD-10, KD-30, KD-75, KD-150 and KD-300, Pilot Scale Systems available in multiple stages (e.g., 1, 2, 3, and 4 stage systems)
  • KD-600 to KD-5000 larger scale industrial systems

Advantages of Chemtech Services Inc. Equipment:

Precision Engineering: Each piece of equipment from Chemtech Services Inc. is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring reliable performance and consistent results.

Enhanced Purity: By harnessing the principles of short path distillation, our equipment delivers unparalleled purity levels, meeting the most demanding standards of quality and cleanliness.

Scalability: Whether you’re a small laboratory or a large-scale refinery, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring scalability without compromising on efficiency. 

Technical Support: Beyond the equipment itself, Chemtech Services Inc. provides comprehensive technical support and expertise, guiding customers through installation, operation, and maintenance processes.

The Future of Mineral Oil Refinement

In the realm of mineral oil purification, short path distillation emerges as a game-changer, offering unmatched precision and purity. Leading the charge with our Laboratory, Pilot Plant and Industrial Scale KD Series equipment, the future of mineral oil refinement looks brighter than ever. As industries continue to evolve, the quest for cleaner, more efficient processes will remain paramount, and we stand ready to meet those challenges head-on, driving innovation and excellence every step of the way.

Your Partner in Processing

Chemtech Services Inc. is more than just a trusted short path distillation equipment provider, we are your support team when it matters most. We will help you throughout the entire process from initial laboratory set up, to continued support and education. Contact us today for more information on the best path to building or growing your lab and get all of your questions answered. We look forward to a partnership in helping to bring purity back to the oil industry.

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