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Short Path Distillation for Mineral Oils

The purification of mineral oils is a fine-tuned process required for the production of products in a wide spectrum of industries. Mineral oils encompass a range of products from base oils, including crude oil, to lube oils, paraffin oils to pitches, and hold immense importance across various industries. However, achieving the desired purity level in […]

Feed Control Options for Short Path Distillation Units

Featuring Chemtech Services’ MINI-4/5 and KDL/T-6 There are many factors in determining the optimal feed control option for your distillation process. Short Path Distillation is a sophisticated technique widely used in the field of chemistry and cannabis processing. The efficiency of this process is greatly influenced by various factors, and one critical aspect is feed […]

4 Impressive Short Path Distillation Units

A Comparative Analysis Short path distillation is a versatile technique widely used in various industries to separate and purify substances. ChemTech Services Inc. offers many short path distillation units, but today we will focus on 4 distinct options. In this blog post, we will compare and analyze the MINI-4, MINI-5, KDL-6, and KDT-6 units to […]